Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Why I Decided To Sell JB Nails

When I decided to sell Jamberry Nails I knew I needed to see first hand what they will handle and what normal horrible things I could do to them.

How I Apply:

I started with a fine grit nail buffer to make my nails a surface that the wrap would stick to. I then washed my nails with blue dish soap and a nail brush. I pushed back the cuticles and then got my tools and wraps ready.

Next I used an alcohol swab to clean the nail then let dry. I used a 'sticky' hair spray and sprayed the nails. I made sure to use tweezers and heated the wrap till it curled. Perfect for adhering to the nail. Placement on the nail, pressed with thumb, then reheat so the rubber tipped cuticle pusher can be used to press out the bubbles. Once one hand is finished I use a medium grit file using a downward motion to remove the excess wrap.

How I Put It To the Test:

First 4 days of use:
Used about a cup of hand sanitizer in one week
Twenty minutes of washing dishes in hot water (3 times)
Using baking soda and vinegar to clean pots and pans with vigorous scrubbing
Mopped the floors and used a large sponge to clean corners and dust boards
Used a Landry spot cleaner, scrubbed with nails and toothbrush to remove stains on clothes
Transplanted two plants
Bath with bath salts for one hour
Kneaded 2 loafs of bread dough
Mixed meat and eggs for meatloaf
(Wrap on my right hand's index finger started to peel at the end, I used a nail file to shape my nail and fix the tip.)

Day 6:
Three episodes of Gilmore Girls while soaking in a tub.

Day 7: My thumb on my left hand started to peel at the tip. Other than that I could have kept them on for several more days!

Monday, May 12, 2014

Mother's Day has passed. I'm rather relived. It's always tough after losing my grandmother on Christmas, because I know my mom is missing her more than I am. I feel for the women who have lost their mothers, are childless, estranged from their mothers, or someone like me who wonders if I will ever be a mother. Most days it doesn't cross my mind, but days like today, it was there up front with a flashing light. I have a sweet guy friend who would jump at the chance to make sure I have a child when I'm ready. You do not know how tempting that is. I'm not dried up yet and not too concerned. Come tomorrow, it will go back to that place in my mind that I will reserve for later. I hope I haven't wasted too many brain cells. :) T